Val·iant - carried out with courage or determination. Acting with bravery or boldness.

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Various Artists

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Reviews regarding the songs on VALIANT …

  • "Magnificent, inspired, awesomely performed, gorgeously arranged, and worthy of NOTE! It sounds like a movie theme, to me.” -Larry Kenton (Orchestrator; Mission Impossible(s), Star Trek, Ratatouille, Up)
  • Beautifully done!” -Ned Lott (Voice-Over Director/Producer; Chronicles of Narnia, Finding Nemo, Frozen, Deep)
  • “This is certainly powerful!!" - Kyle Thompson (Catalyst Resource Group, Faith-based movies)
  • Intense, gripping, and could easily be the theme of an epic movie. My mind races with excitement at how marvelous it is to hear and perform! - Jaime Jorge (International Violinist)
  • This is magnificent! – Franck Dansaert (Composer)
  • “Awe Inspiring!!”
  • “I can’t stop listening to it!”  
  • “It makes the hairs on my arms stand up and chills go up my back every time I listen to it!” 
  • "Absolutely incredible!!!”