Til Today…  

Vox (Jay Dref) recorded at: JVC Music (N.Y.)   

Archie Jordan: Piano (songwriter)  

Shelly Peiken (lyricist)  

Jeremy Lappitt: Tenor Sax  

Jonas Petersen: String Section 

Cymbals: Guy Niosi  

Mixed/Mastered at Awe Struck Productions (Guy Niosi) (CA) 

Produced: Brenda M Lane 


Come and Fall into My Arms …  

Composer: Brenda M Lane

Vox recorded at: JVC Music (N.Y.) 

Track arranged by Kent Hooper and Phillip Keveren  

Programming & Keyboards: Phillip Keveren & Kent Hooper 

String Arrangement: Phillip Keveren 

Oboe: Bill Woodworth 

Flute & Whistles: Sam Levine 

Violins: David Davidson and David Angell 

Cello: Anthony Lamarchina 

Guitar: Mark Baldwin   

Percussion: Ken Lewis 

Track Produced by: Kent Hooper/House of Big – Franklin, TN 

Jay’s Vocals and Track mixed/mastered: Guy Niosi at Awestruck Productions CA