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I believe it is the most inspirational book I have ever read. " --Archie Jordan, Multi-Platinum, Two-Time Grammy Nominated Songwriter

This book grips the reader to the very end. You won't regret buying it! [Betty Sheldon, Author]

Excellent book! I love how it shows dependence upon God to carry her (Brenda) through every tough experience! It shows that when human effort can give or supply no more, God steps in and shows up in "real time." The promises shared in this book are amazing, and the way the book shows how God is real in our lives, is incredible! I highly recommend this book to anyone who knows, needs to know, or wants to know that God is REAL! He IS! Also, if you are facing tough times, this book will be an amazing encouragement to you! There IS real hope and God can help you, like He did in the author's life! [Benjamin, review] 

This true saga was spell binding. Talk about being smacked down and getting up again! What courage and faith this woman has. This is an inspiring read, and an easy read, but it is a read that won't let you go until you are finished with it! [Paula, review]

The book “Under the Eye” is one of the best books ever written in regard to God’s presence during trials and tribulations in a person’s life. [Philip Wentworth, Pastor]

From cover to cover the never failing presence of God grips the reader. Brenda's story reminds us that God never fails us. This is a must read for all people, no matter what season of life they may be in. Brenda's story shows that God can do absolutely anything, for nothing is impossible with God.  [Anonymous, review]


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What it's about

Under the Eye, traces my life from childhood, to a life that can only be described as extraordinary.   As a young mother of three children, experiencing extreme poverty and deprivation, I would be visited with a gift from my all-powerful God.   Music. I had no background in music and had never entertained the thought of composing music, but God was about to use this unsuspecting servant.  Deep in my sleep, the symphonies would pour into my hushed reality. I would awake conducting the orchestra with the song fully embedded into my memory.  Or, I would find myself singing a song I had never heard; jazz, country, hymns, ballads, children's music ... it would come in all different genres. From that point, I would write out the lyrics, make notes about the instruments being used, and catalog the music.  It was the beginning ... and it would carry me with a kiss of hope through hard times.  The music was just the vehicle God would use to lift me back onto my feet and out of dark corners ... a true, "songs in the night" experience.  God was real; and the non-stop deliverances would testify to the reality of that fact.