Brenda is a very gifted and talented songwriter. Her songs were inspired even before the film – a divine preset …. We can use thematic material from those songs and make a very exciting ... action/adventure score that truly reflects the grand nature of Creation.”

— Larry Kenton (Star Trek, AEon Flux, Mission Impossible(s), Up, Ratatouille, etc.)

Brenda M Lane, an ASCAP Composer, has written over a thousand songs in multi-genre. Some of those compositions were written for award-winning International Recording Artists, whom she has also co-written with. She has had the joy of co-writing with Grammy nominated, Platinum/Gold Songwriters and her works have been recorded at famous recording studios in Nashville with very prolific and noted arrangers, orchestrators, and producers.

Her works include symphony cantata’s, musical plays, and individual CD’s for Country, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Traditional Christian, Contemporary Christian, Children’s music, Soft Rock, and Instrumental CD’s.

Asked to be the composer for the film; Heaven the First War, she wrote fifteen pieces for A-List actors (characters) in the Full Feature Animated Film and was able to meet with the Disney/Pixar/Walden Animators and Directors who were a part of this endeavor. She built a music team including composers of A-List films and owners of Los Angeles and Washington's prestigious studios.

EARLY YEARS. She was raised on the northwest coast of California, later moving to the idyllic region above St. Helena in the Napa Valley, where she earned her first degree as a Bible Instructor. Years later after marriage, three children, and a divorce she would secure her second degree in Engineering Technology (drafting and design). She worked several years designing homes and small businesses in Northern California.

She will tell you that the one distinguishing thing that occurred in her life happened at the age of twenty-two; it was then that she gave her heart to Christ and an extraordinary life began to unfold. She has penned this journey in her first book, Under the Eye – a Composer’s Journey; published by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson. She reveals in it that at the age of 31 without prior training or experience she would begin to hear and convey this music. God was carrying her through extremely hard times with the kiss of hope in her heart. Several of these songs have incredible stories behind them and have traveled around the globe ministering to many people in numerous countries.

She has authored several other books and gained Best Seller status when her story, Divine Delay, was chosen for one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books; Dreams and the Unexplainable.


Brenda’s latest single, He Hears, is intense, gripping, and could easily be the theme of an epic movie. My mind races with excitement on how marvelous it is to hear and perform this song! – Jaime Jorge, Violinist 

"Come and Fall Into My Arms (Song of Solomon) is thrilling, wonderful, magnificent , inspired, awesomely performed, gorgeously arranged, and worthy of NOTE!  I dunno what else to say, Brenda.  It sounds like a movie theme, to me"---Larry Kenton (Orchestrator, Conductor, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, Ratatouille, Up) 

I love instrumental music … and this, (He Hears) is certainly a powerful piece! --Kyle Thompson (Catalyst Resource Group, Faith-based movies) 

Beautifully done! (He Hears) ... --Ned Lott (Voice Over Director, Producer, Deep, Chronicles of Narnia, Finding Nemo, Frozen) 

“It is obvious that you have a gift and I encourage you to keep using it to bless people around you.” –Ralph Carmichael, Composer 

“I am impressed by your God-given ability to hear such wonderful music!” –Johnnie Carl, Orchestral Arranger/Conductor Crystal Cathedral 

“Your gift is such an inspiration!”– Audrey De Roche, De Roche Music, Inc. 

 “I believe that Brenda Lane has an exceptional gift in song writing.” –Steve Darmody, President of Morning Song Music