Brenda M  Lane was raised on the northwest coast of California, later moving to the idyllic region above St. Helena and Calistoga in the Napa Valley. She would earn her first degree as a Bible Instructor there, later marrying, moving to the San Luis Obispo area of Southern California where she would give birth to her three children. After a divorce she would return to the Napa Valley securing her 2nd degree in Engineering Technology (drafting and design). She worked several years designing homes and small businesses in central California.

But she will tell you that the one distinguishing thing that occurred in her life happened at the age of 22. It was then that she gave her heart to Christ and an extraordinary life began to unfold.

At the age of 31 without prior training or experience she would begin to hear and convey music. The music covered many genres. God was carrying her through extremely hard times with the kiss of hope in her heart. She has penned this journey in her first book, Under the Eye – a Composer’s Journeypublished by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson.