“Your gift is such an inspiration!”– Audrey De Roche, De Roche Music, Inc. 

“I am impressed by your God-given ability to hear such wonderful music!” –Johnnie Carl, Orchestral Arranger/Conductor Crystal Cathedral 

“It is obvious that you have a gift and I encourage you to keep using it to bless people around you.” –Ralph Carmichael, Composer 

 “I believe that Brenda Lane has an exceptional gift in song writing.” –Steve Darmody, President of Morning Song Music 

"Come and Fall Into My Arms (Song of Solomon) is thrilling, wonderful, magnificent , inspired, awesomely performed, gorgeously arranged, and worthy of NOTE!  I dunno what else to say, Brenda.  It sounds like a movie theme, to me"---Larry Kenton (Orchestrator, Conductor, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, Ratatouille, Up)

Brenda’s latest single, He Hears, is intense, gripping, and could easily be the theme of an epic movie. My mind races with excitement on how marvelous it is to hear and perform this song! – Jaime Jorge, Violinist 

I love instrumental music … and this, (He Hears) is certainly a powerful piece! --Kyle Thompson (Catalyst Resource Group, Faith-based movies) 

Beautifully done! (He Hears) ... --Ned Lott (Voice Over Director, Producer, Deep, Chronicles of Narnia, Finding Nemo, Frozen)  

Nations Behold thy God Project ...


HOW? WHY? would God choose someone who had never played an instrument, never sang in a choir, knew nothing about the music industry, and because of poverty rarely listened to music? and then breathe into her ear a large symphony production?


So that all glory would go to Him.


A Sacred Symphony Cantata Production – Nations Behold Thy God  


"This work holds some of the largest pieces of music that I have been blessed to hear. Most of these songs were written in the first few years of experiencing the gift of music arriving in my life. They are orchestral explosions of sound and praise utilizing choirs, full orchestra, and lead vocalists. The focus of the project is the very soon Return of Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him. Nations, Behold thy God!!" Brenda M Lane


The work has begun! Orchestral Arranger Roxanne Winslow has begun the arrangements! Enormous joy!!! 


Then they will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory [in royal majesty and splendor]. Mark 13:26