Pausing, momentarily in the dusk of time, knowing within myself that should I act, or remain still, time will simply pursue its purposed course to destiny, I set my heart to obtain the realization of this Divine appointment; for if, with determined step I shall advance, then all ground gained will be my victory ... and all retreat, my shame.”

— Brenda M Lane

Project Possibilities ...


A Sacred Symphony Cantata ProductionNations, Behold Thy God  


Composer - Brenda M Lane

Orchestral  Arranger/Conductor - J.A.C. Redford

Project Management - DeRoche Music, Los Angeles


This work holds some of the largest pieces Composer, Brenda M Lane has written to date, and most were written in the first few years of experiencing the new gift of music arriving in her life.


In the year 1989 a young woman who lived in extreme poverty and deprivation would be visited with a gift from her all-powerful God. A trickle of music would begin a deluge of masterful symphonies, sweeping her up from her pallid existence into the intensity of sacred wonderment. The young woman had no background in music and had never entertained the thought of composing music; but God, whose plans exceed every imaginable thought, was about to use an unsuspecting servant. Deep in her sleep, the symphonies would pour into her hushed reality. She would awake conducting the orchestra with the song fully embedded into her memory. From that point she would write out the lyrics, make notes about the instruments being used, and catalog the music. It was the beginning of what would become powerful explosions of orchestral and choral sound depicting relationship with Christ and the Second Coming.


Note: Confidential Proposal for serious investors. $350K for first round financing.



A Sacred Musical Play She Will Fly   

The theme of the play is based on the life of the woman taken in Adultery. We follow her life before her humiliation, setting up the reason for her weakness. The story is set in an atmosphere of wartime, depicting this through wardrobe and music. It reveals her own personal war of hatred to her accusers; which keeps her from gaining the end that she is searching for ... peace. The story leads to her eventual surrender to One whose love lifts her from her hopeless circumstances. She Will Fly.


All music written. Needs arranging.

Book written. Needs editing.


Note: Confidential Proposal for serious investors. $40K for first round financing.



Multi - Projects - CDs in many genres and Literary Works



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