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I just finished working with the great Archie Jordan, two-time Grammy-nominated, Platinum songwriter known for writing many songs including; What a Difference You Made in My Life, Let's Take the Long Way Around the World, It Was Almost Like a Song. Some of the Artists that have performed Archie's Songs include: B.J. Thomas, Amy Grant, Ronnie Milsap, Barbara Mandrell, Larnelle Harris, Paul Overstreet, Charlie Rich, Anne Murray, and more.  He recently asked me to write some lyrics regarding the content of an email that I had sent to him … he would build a melody around them.  I Will Not Be Forsaken was born. Javier Orman, violinist and David Abramsky, Cellist, joined us on Archie's piano arrangement. I love what everyone has done! Thank you to these amazing musicians!

Also, the inspired daddy - daughter duo, Adrian and Emma-Jean Galliard performed my song, When I Follow My Heart. These two, in just a few weeks have garnered over 7 million Facebook views from their rendition of The Prayer. It was done so powerfully and yet so innocently. They are a humble, yet compelling talent. I'm excited to see what they came up with! It looks like I will be interviewed by VOA regarding these two! That is an honor. :-)

This year has brought some very blessed moments! Lori Glori went to #1 in Europe with SHINE. Then  Song of Solomon (Come and Fall into My Arms) and He Hears were both short-listed for film. Work on the instrumental project continues. I was able to work with Javier Orman, an amazing violinist and Eric Heidbreder, a very cool Bassoonist on the Instrumental version of Glorify God in the Fires. I'm very grateful that we have been able to move forward.


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