Song: Silent In the Night
Vocalist: Lila Cervantes
Composer: Brenda M Lane
Arrangers: Kent Hooper and Phillip Keveren


Silent in the Night
©2005 ASCAP Brenda M. Lane

Silent in the night, shining out its light
Waiting for the world to follow its leading
Come the evening star, wonder of His love
Jesus, the Savior is born

Verse 1
The Light of God was shining down with richness and wonder
In Righteousness and Majesty He came to His own
So little hope within the world; needing a Savior
And in the fullness of the time, Redemption was born (Chorus)

Verse 2
His Glory veiled in humble garb, born of a virgin
In poverty and humbleness, arises the Light
A tiny babe in swaddling clothes lies in a manger
Earth was hushed, angels sang, declaring their praise

The richness of heaven comes softly to us
A gift that is greater than all
Salvation is given, in one tender gift
The Christ child, through Mary, is born

--musical interlude-

Choir – segment 1
Alleluia! The Lord God Omnipotent reigns!
Alleluia the Savior is born!
Alleluia! The Lord God Omnipotent reigns!
Herein is love, wonder O heavens! And be astonished O Earth!

Segment 2
The light of God was shining down
Jesus is born! (repeat) - Chorus