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  1. Walk On

Vocalist: Sarah Van Drunen
Arrangement: Kent Hooper, Phillip Keveren
Composer: Brenda M Lane
Additional melody changes by Kent Hooper and Phillip Keveren


Walk On
© 2009 Brenda Lane

Jesus, O the Name above all Names
My Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings
Mighty Savior, Mighty God
Mighty Counselor from above
Jesus…my Jesus….Jesus!

Chorus: Walk on……into the light!
There is hope around each corner
And the dawn will burst each night
Walk on…..into the light!
With Jesus you can conquer every demon you can’t fight
Though your heart is ever weary,
With a Word He’ll set you free
Walk on.

Jesus, He’s my light, Whom shall I fear?
My Jesus, Precious Savior, ever near
Though a host encamps against me
Or though war should rise…I’ll find
One thing brings me confidence
One thing I desire
Just to dwell with Jesus
Brings forth a Holy Fire…walk on. (Chorus)

He’ll hide me in His Pavilion
In the time of trouble, I’ll see
On a rock he’ll lift me and keep me
With my heart, I believe, I believe!!!

Walk on…..walk on….walk on…(Chorus)