Pausing, momentarily in the dusk of time, knowing within myself that should I act, or remain still, time will simply pursue its purposed course to destiny, I set my heart to obtain the realization of this Divine appointment; for if, with determined step I shall advance, then all ground gained will be my victory ... and all retreat, my shame.”

— Brenda M Lane

Project Possibilities ...


A Sacred Symphony Cantata ProductionNations, Behold Thy God     

Note: Confidential Proposal for serious investors. $300K for first round financing.



A Sacred Musical Play She Will Fly   

The theme of the play is based on the life of the woman taken in Adultery. We follow her life before her humiliation, setting up the reason for her weakness. The story is set in an atmosphere of wartime, depicting this through wardrobe and music. It reveals her own personal war of hatred to her accusers; which keeps her from gaining the end that she is searching for ... peace. The story leads to her eventual surrender to One whose love lifts her from her hopeless circumstances. She Will Fly.


All music written. Needs arranging.

Book written. Needs editing.

 Note: Confidential Proposal for serious investors. $40K for first round financing.


Book One of a Series – Marginal Madge, Always on the Edge  - Fiction   (Intended for film)                 

Author: Brenda M Lane

Cover Illustrator: Chris Beatrice - (Note: $3k plus for single cover illustration. $1200 - $1500 each for 10 or more pictures.)



A charming and fun-filled novella for fans of humor and descriptive scenery, Marginal Madge – Always on the Edge, is a hopeful book, intended to bring you comic relief, and quiet reverie.

In a cold, northern town in California, one young child is born into the home of a hopelessly, negligent family. Thriving, from an early understanding of her own gifts, Marginal Madge focuses on what she does have, surrounding her soul with faith, and an uncanny ability to find humor in the most ridiculous of circumstances. Will she let her hardships destroy her? or use them to walk into her destiny?

As life seems to pass her by, Marginal Madge only strengthens her gifts, rolls with the punches, moves herself into new territory, and finds out that her life is, in fact, being guided with impeccable direction. Will the grumpy people in her life be touched by her? Will the odds be beaten? Will she find the joy that has seemed to pass her by? What surprises them all is how their stories will intersect … and find healing, when the miserly old Alice Turbantine, makes a decision to hire our Marginal. This decision will change everything … for many people … especially Marginal.

This book is intended for the young at heart.


Marginal is cracking me up, cooking up all this stuff in my head … that girl!!! …I have become somehow endeared to her…She is relatable! –Gaylene B

Reading Marginal Madge is like being on a carnival ride…sometimes smooth—exciting … than many other emotions due to the cautious anticipation of how things will evolve!  The description of Seasons, meals, surroundings, helped me pause/relax to read the next page :)—Paula M

So well written! My eyes teared at Alice’s reaction … just the reaction we all wish we’d get with such a kind effort as Marginal Madge gave. Just love the good feelings your story draws! – Pamela C

What a wonderful book … it is captivating! –Barbara J


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