No Other Place - December 2018 Newsletter

Here we are at the end of the year. Progress was halted due to continual out-of-the-country business for Barbara, a move for two of our principal partners, and a year of on/off, out-of-town responsibilities for Brenda. In fact, we assumed that we were going to have to close down the No Other Place non-profit, because of our inability to move forward. 


The devastating Paradise Camp Fire of November scorched through our area leaving friends and family members homeless and without livelihoods. This was certainly not the time to close this down! 

It had taken Barbara long months and much work to get our non-profit and Incorporation status … not to mention the funding it took to do so, the meetings we had, the appointments with officials. We were ahead of the game by a year. Would all of this be wasted effort?! No, this was not a time to give up, this was a time to put our hand to the work with all of our might. 

It is with renewed commitment that we now engage ourselves to this work. Your prayers for our success for the benefit of others is greatly appreciated. 

Brenda, Barbara, and Vikki

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